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Girls Just Pod To Have Fun

Feb 27, 2018

Episode 14: Find out what emotions we're having five months into the walkabout. We also answer some of the most frequent questions we get about songwriting and spill on some of this week's adventures. Also, we reveal who people like better: Jill or Kate. 

Feb 20, 2018

Episode 13: Are you trying to break up with someone? Have you ever been broken up with? Do you swipe left and right? What are your feelings about the "Hey" text? What are the ridiculous things guys have said to us when dating or attempting to date us? We discuss all of these things and more in this week's episode...

Feb 13, 2018

Episode 12: We're getting real in this episode about struggles and lessons having to do with body image, about the time we got fired after writing a blog about body image, and about how finding gratitude is the most important thing you can do combat the negative self-talk. We also cover some hilarious diets we...

Feb 6, 2018

Episode 11: We survived giving our first TEDx talk and we tell you every detail! Did we have nerves? Did we mess up? Did Mario Lopez
make an appearance? What did we do when it was over? We answer all of these questions in this episode. Oh, and we cover the heartbreaking post-Super Bowl loss of our favorite New...