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Girls Just Pod To Have Fun

Jul 30, 2019

Episode 58: When we hit the point in our career where we needed to find an entertainment lawyer, we were a little nervous. The thought of dealing with attorneys felt a bit scary to us! When we met Tyler Middleton, everything changed and we knew she was the attorney for us. Join us in our chat with Tyler, our lawyer,...

Jul 16, 2019

Episode 57: What is the weird thing that Jill's allergic to? Did we crash a wedding this week? (spoiler: yes we did!) These are a few of the shenanigans we get into on this episode, but also...We always learn a lot when we spend time near the ocean. In today's episode, we're telling you about an experience we had at the...

Jul 2, 2019

Episode 56: In part 2 of our friendship series, we are digging into the ebbs and flows of friendship, sharing our stories and secrets about how we've navigated all kinds of friendships, and sharing the 3 types of friends we think everyone needs in their life.