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Girls Just Pod To Have Fun

Apr 26, 2021

S3:E99: How do you juggle multiple emotions? How can you feel both joy and sorrow about the same thing? Today we're talking about this and about what we've learned about life not going the way we planned it...99 episodes in. There are tears, there is laughter, there are lots of feelings. Join us and also find out what...

Apr 17, 2021

S3:E98: For a long time, we felt the need to be really "precious" about what we released, talked about, put out into the world. What do we mean by that? We go into it on today's episode. We have been learning to be less precious and more vulnerable, and it's been quite freeing. Today we're sharing how we got to...

Apr 14, 2021

Bonus Episode!

In this quick episode, we give you the total rundown on our new online community app that is NOW LIVE, the BRDG!

Listen for all the deets, and signup for FREE at!


Apr 10, 2021

S3:E97: Today we are announcing something we have been dreaming about for a LONG time! We are launching a BRAND NEW online community called the BRDG and today we are telling you all about it. Listen to find out how you can join for FREE and meet tons of cool like-minded people. This is gonna be so much fun! 

Apr 3, 2021

S3:E96: We heard about this idea from the Lazy Genius podcast and decided it would be fun to try out! From food to gadgets to the changing of seasons, we each share the 5 things that are saving our lives right now. We also talk about floods, fires, bathrobes, and you really don't want to miss this! We...